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Please contact us using the form below, or contact one of the Program Partners and Youth Service Agencies directly.

Program Partners:

Workforce Investment Board & Human Services Department

Amanda Gayda
Program Coordinator
(707) 565-5548

Katie Greaves
Director, Workforce Investment Board
(707) 565-8501

Sonoma County Water Agency

Ann DuBay
Principal Program Specialist
(707) 524-8378

Sonoma County Office of Education

Stephen Jackson
Director, Career/Workforce Development
(707) 524-2720

New Ways to Work

Steve Trippe
President and Executive Director
(707) 824-4000

Youth Service Agencies

Social Advocates for Youth

Serene Cooper, Director of Career Services
(707) 800-3950

Petaluma People Services Center

Elece Hempel, Executive Director
(707) 765-8488

West County Community Services

Tim Miller, Executive Director
(707) 823-1640 ext. 1001

Emily Heinzelman, Director of Operations
(707) 823-1640 ext. 123

Paulette Hall
(707) 823-1640 ext. 121

The Center for Social and Environmental and Social Stewardship

Dr. Nancy Lesa, Executive Director
(707) 838-6641

Kari Lockwood, Stewardship Manager
(707) 838-6641, x 226

(707) 838-6641, x 256

Conservation Corps North Bay (CCNB)

Marilee Eckert, Chief Executive Officer
(707) 303-3069